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Online Programme schedule

The coaching is delivered live & in person. The programme runs weekly over 8 weeks. Each session is 45 minutes.


Better than email or phone support, video conferencing allows you to see and communicate with me live.  Basic computer literacy is sufficient, and no special equipment is required. All that is needed is a webcam and microphone, which most computers come fitted with.

Week 1: Getting To Know You. Five Truths About Fear 

You will have received your book by now, so this week we launch right into the programme. You’ll examine the different levels of fear and anxiety and how they have been affecting you.

Week 2: Building Up Your Self-confidence

A positive and strong mind-set is the platform upon which your confidence grows and your fears diminish. This week is all about examining the impact of language on your perspective and how this affects your behavior. A more assertive and powerful vocabulary will begin to bring about a change in your sense of self, and also affect how others relate to you.


You’ll make a start developing your very own pain to power vocabulary and begin to eliminate the 'I should', 'I should've', 'it's terrible' & ' I can't' from your vocabulary.


Once you’ve come this far, you’ll be doing brilliantly and will be feeling some positive changes in yourself. 

Week 3: Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Ok by now you’ll have practiced putting some of the new found positivity into action and will be feeling great. This week you’ll learn that fear can make you do crazy things…terrify you, freeze you up like a rabbit in headlights or have you running for the hills scared to make any decisions …but this week we are going to have some fun with it…yes fun! You’ll be challenged to take some really exciting steps towards expanding and stretching your comfort zone. You’ll be exhilarated by the feeling a few new changes and stretches will make.


By now you'll be more positive, focused and delighted by your progress. 

Week 4:  Whether You Want It Or Not...It's Yours  

This week is a thought-provoking week where you’ll examine the concept of taking responsibility and victim mind-set.  This mindset is subtle and pervasive.  I show you how to recognize if you’re inner victim is holding you back from claiming and using your personal power. You come to learn how owning your decisions and actions will enable you to experience more freedom in your life.


Ok about now is where some people get unstuck. I call it hump week because week 4 is full of some pretty intensive stuff. If you’ve made it this far you’re made of some really powerful stuff-well done!

Week 5: When "They" Don't Want You To Grow

To succeed you need to be surrounded by people who will support and believe in you and your dreams. Asserting yourself and asking for what you need is a biggy for many people so this week you’ll be learning how to set boundaries when others are trying to muscle in on your time or are berating your dreams. This technique will help you to clear away the stuff you don’t want so you’ll have space for more of what you do!


You’re already more than half way through the course and by now everyone - including you, will be noticing the positive changes in you-and loving them! 

Week 6: How To Make a No-Lose Decision 

This week I debunk the what-if model of decision making that most people use to guide their choices. You know the model, where you draw up a list of the pluses and minuses. and then circle back again and again wondering whether you should listen to your heart or your head. This way of approaching decisions leaves you feeling stressed and scared that no matter which decision you make, the ‘wrong’ decision could mean you end up missing out on bigger and better opportunities or more fun or whatever that 'more' could be. But there really is a better way to make decisions and you’ll be introduced the no-lose decision model. You’ll be astounded at how easy it is to apply and will never make a ‘wrong’ decision again!


Whoa!...by the end of week 6 you’ll need to put on your sunglasses. The world will be looking brighter than a mid-summers day. Your self-esteem will make you glow from within and all those around you will wonder what’s going on with you-in a good way. Life is  feeling good. You're living the dream...your dream life!

Week 7: How Whole is Your "Whole Life? 

This week you keep expanding! You examine how you’ve been living your life to date and I’ll show you how to represent this in a simple pictorial table known as a life grid. You’ll be encouraged to revisit your life grid to ensure you are living fully and in line with your deepest hopes and dreams.  We examine the concept of connecting with our higher & spiritual self to inform our values and how we choose to act in this world.


You’re almost at the end of the programme …you’ve learned so much- keep on living it and doing it!

Week 8: Just Nod Your Head -Say "Yes!" & Choose Love and Trust  

The last week is superb! This week you learn the key teaching- saying ‘yes’ to the circumstance in our lives. You’ll revisit your amazing progress and put in place a maintenance plan to keep you on track on being who you are and living your dreams.


By the end of the programme you’ll be astonished at how much more confident you feel. You'll be putting yourself out there, feeling fearless and loving it!



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Full 8 Week Online Programme is Available at $80 per weekly session.

Or Discounted to $499! if paid in full, prioir to programme commencing.