Dealing With Change in Life

Angela Gullone



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This is a continuation of the Latifah meditation. In part 4 & 5 the themes are ‘I Trust’ and ‘I Release’. They centre on the idea of ‘faith and letting go.


I’ve decided to share a major personal event which is currently taking place in my life. These thoughts of ‘trust’ and ‘release’ are helpful to deal with my current relocation.



As of March 20th, 2017 I’ll be leaving Edinburgh for Australia.


For those of you who know me, this won’t be a surprise. I’ve been talking about returning to Australia for some time. Most of all is that it’s been just that – talk.



I’ve loved Edinburgh for its elegance and poetic beauty.  I’ll miss the festivals, views from hilltops and the crisp bright days this city is famous for. The UK and particularly Edinburgh has been my home for the last 16 years. And in many ways I feel as though I’ve grown up here. I’ve had many firsts here too – my first home, child, degree…

…so, I’ve many memories and friends here. I will be sad to leave them behind but, the desire to return to Australia has felt constant. It feels the time to make the move.




energy | timing


I was listening to a presenter recently who was talking about good business practice. He’d said his father had given him some advice he still lives by: not to squeeze the lemon dry. This metaphor resonated with me. And I got thinking about how this wisdom is universal. How it could also apply to issues beyond business matters.


I feel I need to make this move whilst I’ve a bit of juice left. I’ll need the reserve to draw on. To deal with all the new possibilities and challenges that change brings.




timing | right time


I get that there’s never going to be the ‘right’ time to move. And if you’re anything like me, my guess is that you get this too!


Up until recently, my ideas of the ‘right time’ were loaded with expectations. Ideas about what my future ‘should’ look like. These thoughts, more or less, mirrored how I’ve been living in Edinburgh. And I was insisting on clarity about all sorts of stuff. Like, where I was going to live, where my husband would find work, where my daughter would go to school …


Thinking that I needed to have all my ducks in a row had been holding me back from making this move earlier.



The Latifah meditation has helped me to process the uncertainty around this move. Most of all it has reconnected me with the power of faith and trust.


My ‘trust’ is twofold. Firstly, it’s about the relationship with myself. Belief in myself, that I’ve all the energy and resiliency to take care of myself and handle change. Secondly, that I have faith in life itself, that the greater good has got my back.


‘I trust’. This is not that kind of niave faith that everything will turn out well. I get this isn’t a Hollywood movie, but I trust myself to handle all that needs to be handled. By being grounded and connected to my own inner resource of resiliency, I can deal with change. As a result, I feel in touch with my own judgement and intuition.


It’s a shift from the insecurity of what ifs. Fear of missing out and need for clarity and certainty about what the future will hold. To confidence in my ability to handle whatever comes my way.



Letting go isn’t about losing something or giving something up. It’s about releasing my need to hold onto the past and my need for clarity over the future.


No, I don’t have it all sorted. There will be no fixed abode, job, or school to go to. I admit that on a mental level it feels a little insane. Sure there will be some of you who’ll think me crazy to be making this move without this certainty. But, what’s helping me embrace this change is releasing my expectations of how I think my life should be. Letting go of expectations has meant that I can go with the flow. It frees me up to embrace what is, rather than how I ‘think’ things should be. With fewer expectations I’m more open to new possibilities. There is room for renewal and regrowth. On an emotional level, letting go brings with it freedom. This feels liberating, exciting and life affirming.


And you know what’s been really insane about this whole process? 


Unpredictably this decision has brought with it a feeling of protection and safety. I feel powerful, capable, more focused and present for myself and my life. I no longer have anxiety and worries about possible losses. Thoughts of risks or dangers – the what ifs, have gone. This hasn’t happened in a long time.



Making decisions too far ahead is futile and irrelevant. I find that when I turn my focus to the present I’m able to handle the challenges that change brings. When my attention is in the moment I feel focused and prepared. After all, how can I plan, understand or imagine the opportunities that will make up my new life in Australia?


When I release expectations and definitions of how my life should be. I get back in touch with my resilience and trust in life.


I really do have the power and compassion to be my own guardian and saviour.



Author Angela Gullone,

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  1. Thanks Angela for a really wonderful article. Your faith and trust is inspiring – we can only live one step at a time and I love that you are willing to take that leap of faith and trusting that the Universe will take care of you – magic <3

  2. Wonderful liberating thinking! I salute you & know you will relish all the adventures ahead! Marvellous pioneer spirit- where would the world be without it?! It would be a tiny tight ball, dark & dense- go & enjoy that expansive light!

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