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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®

It all started with this book.


I’m a massive fan of this book – it’s my bible.


In my early twenties, I read this book and it changed everything for me! I learned how to handle my fears while creating the life I wanted. 


By incorporating the lessons, I began to take better care of my physical, mental and emotional health. The outcomes of the changes I experienced were really  noticeable. Inside I felt more confident, happy and optimistic about my future. And outwardly I began making better choices for myself. I found the courage to follow my dreams. I travelled the world, moved to another country, learned to drive, returned to university, worked abroad, married and started my family and ...so much more.


I’ve been so inspired by the long term benefits of this programme that I became an accredited trainer of the Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® programme and now run regular workshops dedicated to the teachings in the book.


The techniques & tools are described in the book, but many people also benefit from being personally coached.


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The coaching focuses on how fear can be the decision maker in your life. Fear can hold you back from going after your dreams and experiencing the joy and successes you want. 


During the programme you'll deepen your understanding of how to build you confidence to live with more freedom. There'll be plenty of opportunity to practice using the techniques discussed. And you'll be learning how to apply these teachings in personal, educational & work matters. 


You’ll be supported to handle your anxieties and fears while creating the life you want.


The lessons from the programme are wide-ranging and can be applied to any stage in your life. And they have been successfully used in personal and work matters. Whatever has been holding you back, this programme can help with so many fears like:

• Speaking in front of a group or crowd

• Knowing what you're about- which jobs & career you're suited to 

•  Ending or beginning a relationship
• Job interviews
• Driving 
• Being assertive
• Making decisions about relationship, jobs, careers, ...

…add your own worries!


Through this programme you’ll:   

♥ Learn that there is nothing wrong with you. We all experience fear and anxiety at times in our lives. It's how we let it control us that keeps us small.

♥ Understand how fear has been influencing your behavior and choices.

♥ Be taking confident actions towards all your dreams and desires.

♥ Experience improved self-esteem.

♥ Recognize your own negative and self limiting beliefs & thoughts and learn how to change them.

♥ Understand why you feel stuck and how to change this.

♥ Learn how to create a more balanced and fulfilling life - one you'll love!

♥ Be able to make important decisions without the previous anxieties of the ...what if this is the wrong decision?

♥ Become more assertive and say no to things you don't want to be doing.

♥ Be able to handle change & say yes to the opportunities it brings. 


By the end of the programme you’ll be astonished at how much more confident you feel. You’ll be putting yourself out there, living the life you long for and loving it!


'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' is a well establish programme that has already helped millions of people - including me! But, don't just take my word for it. Visit the Susan Jeffers website and read the many stories shared by people who have benefitted from this amazing programme.


The only way to really feel better about yourself is to build your confidence to handle your self doubt, anxieties and fears…this programme will show you how!