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Posted by Angela Gullone

Longings & Hopes Can Keep You Stuck

 2 Fixations That Keep You Stuck Ancient Latifah Meditation Part 2 & 3: I LONG | I HOPE   The following lines are the reflections of what I recognised in my experience whilst meditating on the second and third themes, ‘I Long’ and ‘I Hope’.   I’ve chosen to write about these themes together because

Posted by Angela Gullone

7 Simple Ideas To Meditate On

The Ancient Latifah prayer is a beautiful prayer that is perfect to mediate on. There are 7 powerful ideas that will facilitate letting go, peace and trust. This is the first of a series of blog posts where I share my experiences on this meditation.

Posted by Angela Gullone

How to notice your blessings-especially when you’re struggling to feel thankful!

I’m Thankful For My Notebook Nobody appreciates me, it’s so unfair, I deserve better, I have to do it all on my own! …these were some of the thoughts I use to have about my life.   It usually didn’t matter what I was doing, whether I was at work or at home. I felt that

Posted by Angela Gullone

Assertiveness is an Act of Kindness, Both to Myself and Others

  What I’m learning from delivering a self-help programme In the last week, I’ve challenged myself to 7 days of not complaining. I engaged in this exercise for several reasons. Firstly, because it formed part of a programme challenge from the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (Susan Jeffers, 1987) workshop ®. Secondly to help me notice

Posted by Angela Gullone

Our Fears Are The Most Boring Thing About Us

By Angela Gullone | 27 May 2016 For Elizabeth Gilbert, fear had been shouting STOP! over the last 25 years. For me, fear is more subtle and it’s influence has been less obvious, until I started to recognize it’s nature. Feelings of helplessness, feeling overwhelmed, fatigue, self doubt, joylessness, being critical of myself and others and low confidence,

Posted by Angela Gullone

Taking responsibility for our lives can feel like this on some days!

  I love art. It can distill concepts like independence and responsibility into a single image. This cartoon even manages to put a humorous spin on our lives.   By Angela Gullone,

Posted by Angela Gullone

5 Instant Perk Me Ups…the virtues of sunshine

By Angela Gullone | April 2016   Light therapy:   Sit in sunshine Sit in sunshine with your favourite drink Sit in sunshine with your favourite drink and snaxs Sit in sunshine, with your favourite drink, snaxs & a good friend Sit in sunshine, with your favourite drink, snaxs and many more good friends Did you notice the common denominator? …yes