I'm Angela Gullone MPH, BSc(Hon).

I'm a person development and confidence coach dedicated to helping you to shine from within, and be all that you want to be. By building up your self-trust, I teach you the skills you need to act with confidence and manage your fears. You learn how to tap into your own potential and make things happen, both in your personal and professional life. By the end of the coaching you'll feel way more happier and excited about your future.

My professional training includes a Masters in Public Health, and honors degree in Psychology. I’m a Life Coach and accredited Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway trainer®. 

I’ve wide-ranging experience in mental health research and support, in academic and charitable sectors. My interests are community mental health and well being. Particularly, understanding what helps or hinders well-being and recovery from depression, trauma and mental health difficulties. 

You can view my LinkedIn Webpage here for more details about my academic and professional history.

Learn more about me and what I like to do when I'm not coaching



I grew up in sunny Australia and in my 20’s I travelled overseas for the first time and got wanderlust. I’ve travelled extensively and have worked in the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Saudi Arabia. 

After living abroad for 17 years, I returned to Australia in 2017. I'm now based in Melbourne and live with my husband, daughter and crazy cat Daisy. I’m easy going, love to have fun and a laugh. In my spare time, I enjoy nothing more than to catch up with friends and fire up the BBQ.


I'm all about balance-body, mind & spirit

I love my work but always make time to relax. I'm a keen walker and love to jog. I'm a member of several sports groups which include the local health club. To keep my mind and emotions flowing, I like to meditate, use affirmations and walk in nature. 

Exercise helps overthinkers relax

I'm a bit of a rebel too

I’ve taken a stand against issues of inequality that affected myself as a new mother. When the local bus company in Edinburgh introduced a ban of buggies on their services, I rallied alongside some other new mothers against the ban.

We were awarded the campaign of the year by The Herald Society in 2009!   

More Confidence.  More Self Belief.  More Empowered.  More Joy.  More Success.