Overcome Self-doubt By Building Self-trust

Angela Gullone

Overcome Self-doubt By Building Self-trust

Ancient Latifah Meditation
Part 4, ‘I TRUST’


This is part 4 of my reflection on the ancient Latifah mediation. The meditation moves on from the themes of ‘I long’ and ‘I hope’ to ‘I trust’. It moves on from the anxiety and stress of should, could and if only. Towards certainty and self-trust and trust in life. This prayer is a great way to build self-trust.  


Trust is twofold.


To begin with, self-trust is about the relationship with oneself. A trust that you’ve all the energy, resources and resiliency to take care of your needs. To handle challenges and changes in life. Secondly, it’s trust in life itself – that the greater good will always prevail. It’s a shift from insecurity of what ifs to self confidence. In your own ability to handle whatever comes your way.



Build self-trust

Self-trust is an inner resource.


Self -trust isn’t something which exists outside of yourself. You don’t need to look to the outer world for confidence. It isn’t dependent on someone else’s actions and you don’t have to wait on others to make things happen for you. It’s about how much you trust yourself to be able to make things happen. A belief in your resilience and ability to pick yourself up from a set back or disappointment. 


Trust your own judgement to make the best decision for you in this moment.


Intuition and all the wisdom and guidance you need is available to you in each moment. Tuning in to trust enables you to make the best decisions for yourself. Believe in your own ability to go with the flow of life, and handle any changes and challenges that life may bring. Know that your energy is resilient and knows how to renew and take care of itself. Trust is a constant force within you.

Your self-trust grows more and more each time you believe in yourself.


Self-trust at its most powerful, feels strong and solid like a mountain. Also, self-trust enables you to feel protected. This safety will enable you to move forward where your have felt blocked and stagnant.


Surprisingly, self-trust brings with it freedom. This is  because as you trust yourself, you’ll find there is less work that needs to be done. So, you can just be yourself and not stress over fixations of how things should and could be. Trust that the present moment is enough. It’s rich, dynamic, nourishing and abundant. Also, it’s purposeful and meaningful and you do not need to search for fulfillment in the past or future.


Meanwhile, life is constantly transforming itself. And, each moment can offer new opportunities for you to renew and grow. For this reason, who you are isn’t fixed and is always changing. When you trust yourself and life, you’re able to remain open to this renewal. You can be new again at any moment.


All the power and compassion are within you to be your own guardian and saviour.


Author Angela Gullone, flowlifecoaching.com | Image Ashley Batz, ashleybatz.com, courtesy of unsplash.com