Focus, Positivity & Action Is What You Need To Succeed In Life

Angela Gullone

Focus, Positivity & Action Is What You Need To Succeed In Life


We all want to be happy, successful and live a life of our own choosing. With so much advice out there these days you’d think that this would be easier than ever?


Tips on how to be more successful and happy in life focus on incorporating new habits into your routine. These tips include:

  • learning the habits of highly successful people
  • improving your mind-set
  • practicing gratitude
  • not giving up on yourself
  • finding your purpose
  • taking better care of your body and diet
  • incorporating a morning routine
  • not sweating the small stuff…


The trouble with too much advice, is that you can end up feeling overwhelmed and confused. What should you do first, and then next? Who can you really trust with your dreams? 


In this article, I share three fundamental rules that I use to help me keep things simple. Focus, keeping positive and following through with action are my fundamental truths. 


1. What you focus on gets your attention and energy   


Focus, positivity, successful
If you’re anything like me, you’ll be busy, busy, busy most days with schedules and lists of to ‘dos’.  But, are you just doing more of the same or, are these activities moving you closer towards your goals?


I find having a clear focus about why I’m doing what I’m doing, helps keep me focused on what matters. It also ensures I don’t get caught up doing stuff that I’d rather not be doing,


But before you can benefit from this principle, you need to get clear about what it is you desire and why you want for it for yourself. In other words, your point of focus. This is because, having clarity about your goals gives you a focus. What you focus on gets your attention. And, what has your attention gets your energy. Getting clear on what your focus is and what gets your attention each day is essential. It means you’re not wasting your energy on a life you don’t want.


When I’m looking at making changes in my life or resharpen my focus, I love to use my imagination. I’ve found that using visualization boards work a treat for drawing together ideas. The best part about these boards is that you can go back and add to them as your ideas surface. Also, I find these boards a source of inspiration and motivation. When I’m feeling stuck, I revisit them to sharpen my focus.


Get clear on WHAT & WHY your focus is because what you focus on gets your energy each day.


2. Positivity requires ongoing maintenance


The second point is that keeping a positive mindset requires regular maintenance. 


Did you know that Psychologists have found we’ve a negativity bias?


This bias is linked to you being more likely to pay attention to your low points, deficits and set backs. Rather than recall positive things about yourself. Such as your progress, achievements or things you’re good at. Because of this negativity bias, keeping positive requires ongoing maintenance.


Additionally, countless studies have shown that language impacts how we think about things. So, how you choose to describe yourself and the events occurring in your life matters. Importantly, don’t let your inner voice of self-doubt belittle your dreams and aspirations. Challenge yourself to speak about your dreams and skills. This will help you to stay positive about yourself as you move towards your goals. 


Keep positive and turn your:

  • I can’t…I choose not to.
  • Life is difficult…life’s an opportunity / Life’s a journey.
  • I should…I could.
  • I can’t do this, I’m useless and stupid…I can learn, improve and expand.
  • Things never work out for me…I can bounce back from this/ there are always others choices I can make.











When we’re bogged down in a negative mindset, we can be our own worst enemies. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Want to learn more about maintaining and developing a positive mind-set?

Join the online Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway programme.

It’s perfect for developing a growth mindset which helps to tackle self defeating, negative inner dialogue. You get the support and know-how you need to shift your thinking from negative to positive. So you can build up your confidence to live the life you want.     

3. Get out of your head and into your life


Ahead of anything else is my third point; action is key to creating the changes you want to see. If you want to succeed at living the life you want, you need to get out of your head and into your life. You can do this in two simple steps:


  1. Break down your desires / goals into a list of doable actions
  2. Go and out and do them!

Caution! Keep your actions small as you don’t want to scare or overwhelm yourself. 


small action to deal with fear


Small steps are best to deal with uneasy emotions that taking new actions can bring. This is because, with sudden change our minds can revert to the primitive brain.  Thus, we become anxious when we do something different from our normal routine. When we’re scared, we tend to give up on ourselves and our dream, and crawl back under the duvet. So keep each action small and doable. The smaller that action is, the more likely you’ll succeed.


Lighten Up


I’ve found that when things don’t go to plan, it’s best to lighten up. and, avoid getting bogged down in your disappointment. If it doesn’t works out, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid, hopeless or a loser. It just means it didn’t work out, this time. Besides, you can always try something else right!?!


Chances are you haven’t embarrassed yourself or ruined your life. My point is, you won’t be permanently scarred from a setback or small failure. Just keep on following through with your actions and you’ll amaze yourself. And the best bonus about taking action is that you get to grow in self confidence. In fact, you get such a buzz and excited from new challenges and the new experiences it brings.


To sum up, living the life your desire is so doable. When you understand that where you direct your attention shapes your life. When you really get this, your life can be whatever you want it to be. So, sharpen your focus and live that successful, happy life you want.


Learn more about to live a focused and brave life here: ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ programme.


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